How do you encourage children to perform their repetitive rehabilitation exercises?

By engaging them in an adventurous game in which they repeat the exercises without noticing…

During rehabilitation certain exercises have to be repeated often. This is a challenge for adults, but even more so for children. Children are easily bored by repetitive exercises and can quickly become demotivated.

But Gryphon Rider is the opposite of boring! This game was specifically designed for young clients rehabilitating after Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), who have to perform multiple balance exercises. Young clients can play the game at the rehabilitation centre and at home with family members or friends. The technology behind Gryphon Rider automatically keeps track of all the data, giving the rehabilitation therapist insight into the client’s rehabilitation process.


How does Gryphon Rider work?

Gryphon Rider transports players into beautifully designed worlds. The game is just as appealing and challenging as other high-quality entertainment games. Riding on the back of a Gryphon, the player goes on an adventure in an enthralling fantasy world. The children operate the game by moving their body. For example, they steer the Gryphon by leaning to the left or right. The client’s movements are captured by a Kinect (a camera that detects movement, linked to a gaming console). The Kinect measures the client’s movements and translates them inside the game into instructions for the Gryphon.


Anyone can play Gryphon Rider

Clients can play Gryphon Rider at the rehabilitation centre or at home. The game can automatically perform any arm, leg or balance function a child is not (yet) capable of, enabling anyone to play the game. This means the client can also discover the amazing world of Gryphon Rider together with family members and friends.

Gryphon Rider: customized for individual clients

Every rehabilitation process is unique. That’s why the skills in the various components of the game can be set beforehand to the appropriate level for the client. The pace of rehabilitation can be adjusted too. After a client has played Gryphon Rider, they can save the game and continue next time at the level they previously reached. This flexibility makes Gryphon Rider suitable for all clients of all levels.

The making of Gryphon Rider

Data collection during the game, locally and remotely

While the young client enjoys playing the game, the Kinect detects their movements and pose. These data are automatically processed into graphs. This enables the therapist to supervise and direct the client while they play. If the client plays Gryphon Rider at home, the therapist can follow the rehabilitation remotely and determine whether the client needs to come to the clinic for extra supervision.


Gryphon Rider Partners

The game was designed as a result of requests from and in collaboration with rehabilitation professionals. The staff at Grendel Games know how to build appealing, exciting games, but they’re not rehabilitation specialists. That’s why we asked rehabilitation professionals as well as rehabilitation clients to assist in the development of Gryphon Rider. Their expertise gives the game content and ensures the rehabilitation is effective. Below is a list of additional partners who were involved in the development, funding and ultimate realization of Gryphon Rider.

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Awards & nominations

Gryphon Rider: Best Applied Game Design, Dutch Game Awards 2015


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