What is gamification?

Gamification, applied games and serious games are all terms that you have undoubtedly come across. They mean that games and game principles can serve a more serious goal than just entertainment. At Grendel Games we develop gamification apps that use the entertainment value of games to bring about a positive behavioral change.

The power of gamification

Gamification informs, motivates and incites action with the player. The app greenhabit is a good example of this. This gamified app creates lasting behavioral changes for a healthy lifestyle by:

  • Setting goals.
  • Offering achievable challenges.
  • Giving the player insight in their progress.
  • Rewarding the player for results.

Another example, the water company Vitens has used the Water Battle game to make households aware of their water usage:

  • The game rewards players for setting saving goals and reaching those goals.
  • It provides players with insights into their water usage.
  • By playing together, household members motivate each other and work together to reach their common goal.

Not only was the Water Battle seriously entertaining, but it also led to a water usage reduction of 7%!

Does a serious game work for me?

Do you have an idea for a serious game? Or do you see an opportunity to use serious games in your organization? Take a short assessment to see if a serious game is suitable for your situation and what type you need.

Scientifically validated

During the development of gamification apps and serious games, we involve researchers and domain experts to test the game’s effectiveness. An example is the game Reducept. In this game, players learn to manage their chronic pain. The techniques in the game are based on several papers and research articles. By implementing these techniques as a fun and simple game, players can drastically reduce their perceived pain.

Watch how Reducept made a difference

Examples of gamification

We do it together!

No two questions or problems are the same. We have adapted our process for this through 15 years of continuous improvement of our methods. The dialogue between stakeholders in a project is very important here. That is why we strive to build good relationships. This way we create a cooperation where we appreciate each other’s input and creativity. According to your feedback and that of the development team, we implement changes to the product. All this to make sure that the development of the game is aimed towards your wishes and those of the target audience.

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