How do you help nurses to identify breathing problems in patients and how to act on it?

By offering a realistic and immersive scenario where your choices decide the patient's fate.

Distress! is a story driven simulation of a patient in respiratory distress. The game trains nurses how to identify subtle signs of respiratory problems and empowers them to get the patient the right care. It’s up to the player to make the right decisions in this scenario based on real life events.


Project goal

Help nurses improve their capacity to identify subtle signs of patients’ deterioration and communicate their concerns appropriately. This leads to an increased number of rapid response team calls, a decreased number of airway emergency calls, and a decrease in inpatients’ cardiac arrests.


In Distress! you are a nurse on a daily routine to check patients. However, one of your patients seems restless. When you take a closer look, you know that something is wrong. It’s up to you to make the right decisions in this scenario based on real life events.

Realistic scenario

Distress! is developed together with the nursing staff and doctors of a real hospital. The patient conditions, equipment and actions are all based on real situations. The content is developed by medical professionals, for medical professionals.

Recognize the signs

Distress! is developed to train early identification of acute symptoms. Watch the patient closely to be able to make the right assessment and escalate when needed.

Make the right decisions

Your choice matters. Will you waste time by doing nothing? Or make the right decision to stabilize the patient? There are several ways to get to the right outcome, but there are a lot more that make the situation worse.

Evaluate your decisions

Look back and evaluate the choices you made. See where you can improve and try again to set the best time.




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