How do you attract people to a historical site and teach them about history?

By sending them on a scavenger hunt to find the lost memories of a kind, old custodian in a virtual world that blends with reality.

The Blokhuispoort, the former house of detention in Leeuwarden, is a centuries-old, unique building that really captures the imagination. An imposing gate, dark corridors and cells, the courtyard where prisoners used to be ventilated: a visit to the Blokhuispoort is one you won’t easily forget. Would you like to experience the Blokhuispoort in a unique, virtual way? Then play Blok Out!


Project goal

Let 400 of Leeuwarden’s visitors each week experience the feeling of being imprisoned in the Blokhuispoort and thereby raise historical awareness.

Blok Out

A former custodian has lost his memories. They are hidden in every nook and cranny of an old prison. Not visible to the naked eye, but fortunately you can see them with your phone’s camera. Will you manage to find them all and unravel the mystery of De Blokhuispoort?

You catch the first memories yourself. The game continues in the monumental Blokhuispoort. The hunt for the memories takes you through the entire complex: sometimes the memories have to be caught, sometimes a puzzle has to be solved, sometimes a question has to be answered. The memories found are unlocked on the map and in the timeline.

Blok Out is an innovative attraction that brings the history of the Blokhuispoort prison to life. With phone in hand, players learn about the history of the Blokhuispoort in a special, interactive tour of the Blokhuispoort. The game can be played independently by visitors aged 8 and up, is easy to play for those without game experience, and is offered in Dutch, Frisian, German and English. The game takes about 1.5 hours.


The game can already be started at home but to play most of it, visitors must come to the Blokhuispoort. The game can be downloaded via the app stores for iPhone and Android on users’ own phones.




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