Workshop: utilizing Serious Games as physical therapy



21st of February 2017 – We get a lot of questions from health-care organizations about how serious gaming can be used as a tool or therapy.  The past few years Grendel Games has gained a lot of experience on this subject. Time for a workshop!

Alongside with several partners in the field of healthcare and science we developed a game which helps rehabilitate children diagnosed with ABI (Acquired Brain Injury). In the game a Gryphon is our main character, hence the name Gryphon Rider. During development we discovered that, beside child-rehabilitation, our game was applicable for multiple variations of physical therapy for both youngsters, adults and elderly people. We would like to explore new possibilities with you. Interested? Then we would love to invite you to our workshop!


Workshop schedule

During the workshop we will tell you a little bit about our games, but we’re also curious about your reactions and feedback regarding a few questions that are occupying our mind. These are the subjects that we will treat during our workshop:

  • Examples and experiences of applying serious gaming to rehabilitation and physical therapy practices.
  • The origin and development of Gryphon Rider.
  • Insights from the first pilot.
  • Room for discussion.
  • Self-evidently Gryphon Rider can be played and viewed.


For whom is this workshop?

Are you working in healthcare? For example as practitioner, product specialist, manager with an interest in the subject or is there another reason you have an affinity with Gryphon Rider and physical therapy? Then you’re cordially invited!


When, where, what time?

Date:       Thursday 16th of March 2017
Start:       2.00 PM
Finish:    5.00 PM
Address: Blokhuisplein 40, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


Sign-up quickly!

By sharing knowledge and brainstorming we will make it a fun, interesting workshop for all parties involved! Interested? Sign-up by sending an email to Be quick because we have limited number of spots.

For more information check out the case on our website.

Tim Laning

Business developer

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of serious games? Let’s discuss what serious games can do for you.


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