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Do serious games work?

This article will address the question usually asked stakeholders in the serious games industry, does serious gaming work? Over the past decades, we have been involved in over 150 projects

Tramsportuga Bay

Transportuga Bay launch

Grendel Games introduces a serious game – called Transportuga Bay – for National Railways of the Netherlands (NS) Transport Control. The online game challenges employees to go on a mission

Gamification in education

Gamification in education: how does it work?

Education is evolving. Traditional methods of learning are being replaced by new ways of learning. Digital tools are being used more often in the classroom because children nowadays grow up

Gamification in education: how does it work?

Education is evolving. Traditional teaching methods are being replaced by new ways of teaching. Digital material is also used more often, because children grow up digitally. Gamification in education is

Testing Serious Games

How to prove that serious games work

In this article, we will take a close look at how serious games are effectively validated, specifically in the environmental sustainability and healthcare industries. There are still those who question

voorbeelden van serious games

Five game-changing examples of serious games

Serious gaming is an increasingly popular topic. The first examples of serious games were used in the 18th century. In Germany, the traditional chess game was transformed into ‘Das Kriegsspiel‘.

Behavioural change and serious games: a perfect match

Behavioural change with serious games

Behavioural change is everywhere in our society. Consciously and unconsciously, we are influenced in our daily lives. Sometimes you don’t notice it. However, companies, your colleagues and even the government,

What are Applied Games?

Applied games describe a broad category of computerized games that serve a targeted purpose beyond sheer entertainment. They are designed to educate, inspire and change behaviours. For this reason, applied