What are serious games?

Serious games are games that have another purpose besides entertainment. But what are serious games exactly? They are used to promote learning and behavior change.


Serious Games terminology

Serious games terminology: differences between serious games, gamification and related products and services. At Grendel Games we are often approached by customers who ask for


Open door day at a games company

The games industry in the Netherlands frequently debates how to better align the requirements of game-education and students to those of game companies. There’s enough


Dashboards for Serious Games

Over the past few years we’ve seen one aspect of our products become more and more important. This is the ability to reliably answer questions

Open House – 13 April 2019

We are organising another open house! Always wanted to have a look in a gamestudio? Are you crazy about games and want to know how

Personal Space: Introduction

The content below has been reposted from Peculiar Puffin, Tristan’s blog, in which he talks about storytelling, stories and the people who tell them. All

Meet Justin and Quirina

18 September 2018 – A new school year brings a new batch of fresh interns! Justin Hey! I am Justin van der Leij. De programming intern at