The first step in making a serious game

Previous research works have looked into the effectiveness of serious games and the results have been positive. Nevertheless, going for such a relatively ‘new’ technology


Why is serious gaming fun?

Serious games help to motivate learning and to realize behavioural change. Games are generally played for entertainment. In serious games, the learning objective is key,

Do serious games work?

This article will address the question usually asked stakeholders in the serious games industry, does serious gaming work? Over the past decades, we have been

Tramsportuga Bay

Transportuga Bay launch

Grendel Games introduces a serious game – called Transportuga Bay – for National Railways of the Netherlands (NS) Transport Control. The online game challenges employees

Testing Serious Games

How to prove that serious games work

In this article, we will take a close look at how serious games are effectively validated, specifically in the environmental sustainability and healthcare industries. There