Serious Games for medication adherence

Games for medication adherence

Lack of medication adherence can have serious consequences for a patient, but also for the health care system. Serious games and gamification are used to improve adherence by motivating and rewarding players to stick to their treatment.

Open day at Grendel Games on 28th of May

We want to invite all of you to visit our studio in the Blokhuispoort on Saturday the 28th of May between 11:00 and 15:00. We are opening our doors that day for everybody: game fans, kids, parents, students, teachers, developers and who ever else is interested.

Holographic UI in vr

Holographic UI in VR with Unity

Introduction to programming UI in VR in Unity Humans interact with computers in many ways; the interface between humans and computers is crucial to facilitating this interaction. This user interface

Making exercise more fun with games

Why can’t we exercise and have fun at the same time? It’s possible! Serious games can be successfully used to make exercise more fun. In this article, we explain why

The benefits of gamification for simulations

Simulations are suitable for teaching and training skills. Yet the effectiveness of a simulator can be improved if it is combined with gamification techniques. By improving the experience of simulations

When are serious games used?

On our website you will find many in-depth articles about serious games, how to develop them and what the advantages are. We noticed that companies and organizations have a lot

The benefits of e-learning for healthcare workers

E-learning includes all forms of electronic learning. While this is often through computers, these days smartphones are also used. E-learning also comes in different forms in healthcare. Through live webinars

Motivating medical students with games

Medical studies comparatively take longer. They take averagely 7 years to finish, depending on the country and university. Students who are intrinsically motivated are less likely to drop out of

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