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Why is serious gaming fun?

Serious games help to motivate learning and to realize behavioural change. Games are generally played for entertainment. In serious games, the learning objective is key, but the game has to

Four Grendel employees are holding our gold Serious Play award.

‘Distress!’ wins Gold Medal in Serious Play Awards

Grendel Games has received the highest international distinction at the prestigious International Serious Play Awards ’23 in Toronto. This event is a leading international gathering for game developers creating serious games to enhance skills and knowledge development.

Woman is tutoring on PC monitor

Interactive Games for Virtual Tutoring Success

Explore the future of education with virtual tutoring and interactive games. From Kahoot to Rekenheld, discover how these tools transform learning, making it not just informative but enjoyable. In this article, we uncover the surprising impact of gamification strategies on student engagement and successful learning.

Child building a small robot

Using Serious Games for Experiential Learning 

Over the years, we’ve stepped away from traditional views on learning, to more engaging frameworks. Using serious games for experiential learning isn’t just fun, it comes with many other great benefits. In this article, we’ll go over what experiential learning is, and how serious games can help you learn.

Game design is integral to VR

Why game design is integral to VR

Everything in a VR world is created by computer, graphics, sounds and most importantly the interactions with people and objects that are present. That intractability, is something that game designers, artists  and programmers have a massive edge in creating. And that’s why we believe that if you are going into VR, then you need to partner with a game studio to get the best results.

VR for sales team training

VR for sales team training

As we all struggle to redesign the way we work together remotely, VR and XR offer amazing ways to create team moments, and to revolutionize some quite dull training. Imagine a new sort of water cooler moment, or a great way to engage the team in a brainstorming or creative ideas session.

The prostate gland in VR

The prostate gland in Virtual Reality

We set a challenge, to the development team here, to make the most realistic model of the endoscopic anatomy of the prostate and bladder possible, that we could use in a VR application and I wanted to give you a more detailed walk through, so here it is.

Benefits of full immersion in vr

VR is immersive

The level of immersion that you can create in VR is hugely valuable to creating a sense of place and context for training and education. Creating a realistic sense of place for clinical scenarios improves the learner experience and how seriously they engage with the training episode.  Imagine a real sense of peril in a clinical case scenario, or the realism of the response of a patient to an intervention. The possibilities are limitless.

VR why now

Why VR and why now?

Low-cost VR headsets are the hardware solution, to enable better access to training in a realistic and fun way. How could you use this technology to train your customers remotely, at a fraction of the cost of employing dedicated high cost simulator hardware?

what is xr

What is XR?

Extended Reality – the whizzy term for all things mixed, augmented and virtual reality is here – are you ready for them, do you know how you can use them?

Do you need a metaverse

Do you need a metaverse?

It’s a big question, and looking at the current punditry on this issue, the jury is split “it’s the next really big thing” to “it will never catch on”. We’re going to answer this question, over the next few weeks, one minute at a time.

Deliberately practice decision making

Deliberately practicing decision making

When your child learns to ride a bike, they might have the technical riding skills down pat, but you won’t let them cycle to school on their own, unless they can make a safe decision about where to cross the street. That in a nutshell is how important the decisions around a technical skill are. Serious Games can help make you better decision makers.

Experiencing Quality of Life Symptoms

Experiencing Quality of Life Symptoms

From pain to pooping, Quality of Life impacts of disease on individual patients can be severe. Unless Health Care Professionals have direct experience of these things themselves, they frequently under-estimate the life disturbance they cause – we can change that!