What is XR?



Extended Reality – the whizzy term for all things mixed, augmented and virtual reality is here – are you ready for them, do you know how you can use them?

Virtual Reality offers us the chance to create a perfectly safe, risk-free, computer-generated training interaction with no real world consequences, that can simulate the novel and rare or the highly dangerous and enable practice and rehearsal. Augmented reality allows you to approach the real world with overlaid data, telestration and guard rails, enhancing the understanding on the spot, in real time.

Both have a role to play in training and education – if you’d like to explore how the expertise of Serious Games and game designs can be applied to real world problems with XR, drop me a message.

Tim Laning

Business developer

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of serious games? Let’s discuss what serious games can do for you.


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