VR is immersive



Don’t look down !!

Fear of falling. That heart-racing, stomach in your mouth moment when you look down and realise that if you fall, it’s certain death. I no longer climb mountains, and so I haven’t had that feeling for years, but I’ve experienced it several times recently in a simple little VR crazy golf game. The sense of “being there” created in VR was so real that for a moment I was so convinced I would fall into the abyss that I had to stop.

The level of immersion that you can create in VR is hugely valuable to creating a sense of place and context for training and education. Creating a realistic sense of place for clinical scenarios improves the learner experience and how seriously they engage with the training episode.  Imagine a real sense of peril in a clinical case scenario, or the realism of the response of a patient to an intervention. The possibilities are limitless.

And VR rather than physical simulation, means a lower cost, greater versatility from the same hardware, ease of transportation and the ability for trainers and learners to easily share the same spaces.

How could you use VR to improve your customer and team training, ask us for some ideas.

Tim Laning

Business developer

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