Transportuga Bay launch



Grendel Games introduces a serious game – called Transportuga Bay – for National Railways of the Netherlands (NS) Transport Control. The online game challenges employees to go on a mission together and solve the incidents they encounter along the way as quickly as possible. It is the first time that serious gaming is used this way within NS.

Transportuga Bay is a game where you play as a pirate captain together with other captains to collect pirates and goods, search for treasures and defeat sea monsters. By playing the game, you gain insight into the process chain and experience practical situations in a playful way. Carry out missions to increase your reputation and conquer the leaderboards. A trailer of the game can be watched here (dutch)

From train to boat

NS Transport Control is responsible for managing the execution of the train service during the day. This department ensures that the national train service runs according to plan so that the passenger has a reliable train service. In the event of incidents, NS Transport Control makes adjustments by rescheduling the deployment of trains and adjusting the planning of conductors and train drivers. Collaboration with other departments is crucial for this. In the game this practice is translated into a metaphorical environment in which the players are captains of pirate ships transporting goods and pirates by sea. The game challenges the captains to go on missions together as much as possible where the necessary coordination is needed to complete the mission.

Scenarios from the work field

Several employees have been closely involved in the development. They have provided examples so that the incidents that occur in the game are based on real practical dilemmas. In a competition, employees of NS Transport Control compete for the most reputation points, which are a metaphor for passenger satisfaction. Behind the scenes an anonymous measurement is made of the extent to which the insight of employees is increased.

Tim Laning

Business developer

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