Serious games for sustainability

Climate change, population growth and drought have become the order of the day. It is of great importance to safeguard our planet for future generations. But not everyone has the capacity to purchase expensive solar panels, water pumps or electric cars. Are you looking for an instrument that allows everyone to contribute to our planet in an affordable way? Then serious games might be for you.

Why serious games for gas, water and electricity utilities?

Increase customer awareness

We develop seriously entertaining games that are fun to play. They allow you to engage the customer for a longer period. This results in behavioral change.

Improve customer interaction

Connecting serious games to smart meters allows households to directly monitor their consumption of gas, water and electricity.

Reduce the consumption of gas, water and electricity

Because customers receive feedback on and gain insight into their consumption, they consume less water and energy. Water Battle achieved a 7% usage reduction among participants!

Scientifically validated

During the development of serious games we involve scientific experts to show that the game really works. For example, by working with domain experts in the field of behavioral change and by collecting usage data.

A unique contribution to the climate

With serious games you build a better image as a utility company by actively contributing to the climate objectives.

Does a serious game work for me?

Do you have an idea for a serious game? Or do you see an opportunity to use serious games in your organization? Take a short assessment to see if a serious game is suitable for your situation and what type you need.

Example: Water Battle

Grendel Games develop serious games that cause behavioral change in collaboration with domain experts. For example, water utilities have used Water Battle to give people insight into their consumption of water and energy in a fun way. Households compete against each other to see who can save the most water.

We do it together!

No two questions or problems are the same. We have adapted our process for this through 15 years of continuous improvement of our methods. The dialogue between stakeholders in a project is very important here. That is why we strive to build good relationships. This way we create a cooperation where we appreciate each other’s input and creativity. According to your feedback and that of the development team, we implement changes to the product. All this to make sure that the development of the game is aimed towards your wishes and those of the target audience.

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