Serious games for healthcare

It is a challenge to provide high quality care. In healthcare it is important to meet all qualitative requirements. That is why it is important that staff have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills in a fun way during their education and work. More and more healthcare institutions are looking for a way to overcome these challenges. Are you looking for an instrument that contributes to the quality of healthcare, so that everyone gets the right care and training they need? Then serious games might be for you.

Why use serious games in healthcare?

Achieve behavioral change

Serious games are capable of making a change in the behavior of the target audience. Take for example, patients who deal with chronic pain on a daily basis. By playing games, patients learn skills to deal with their pain. In addition, the game is also fun to play.

Reduce workload

Patients are able to independently do exercises using serious games. When patients are done playing, the data is visible to the practitioner and stored in a protected database. This allows the practitioner to remotely monitor the progress per patient.

Inexpensive technology

Serious games are cheaper technology than for example, an expensive simulator. An often-used digital technology in serious games is VR (virtual reality). With VR, a specific step of a medical treatment can become more effective by immersing patients into that experience.This leads to better outcomes for the patient.

Scientifically validated

During the development of serious games we involve researchers and scientific experts to test if the game really works. This is done in collaboration with domain experts and by collecting and analyzing performance results.

Does a serious game work for me?

Do you have an idea for a serious game? Or do you see an opportunity to use serious games in your organization? Take a short assessment to see if a serious game is suitable for your situation and what type you need.

Examples of serious games in healthcare

Grendel Games, in collaboration with domain experts, develops serious games that cause behavioral change. The UMCG has used Underground for surgeons to train their motor skills more often to make the necessary training hours. Underground distinguishes itself from other, more expensive training programs in the fact that doctors like to play Underground.

Serious gaming also offers opportunities for rehabilitation. Gryphon Rider is tailor-made for patients. Rehabilitation exercises can be set per component and at the client’s level. This provides flexibility and a personalized experience. The power of serious gaming in healthcare is that it is fun to play so that young patients in particular continue to do their rehabilitation exercises.

Watch how the game Gryphon Rider has been applied:

We do it together!

Not two questions or problems are the same. We have adapted our process for this through 15 years of continuous improvement of our methods. The dialogue between stakeholders in a project is very important here. That is why we strive to build good relationships. This way we create a cooperation where we appreciate each other’s input and creativity. According to your feedback and that of the development team, we implement changes to the product. All this to make sure that the development of the game is aimed towards your wishes and those of the target audience.

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