Serious gaming for education

A shortage of teachers resulting in students receiving insufficient guidance, educational programs that fail to engage students, differences in skill level that lead to a lack of challenge for some students, do these problems sound familiar? These factors have a big influence on the quality of education. Are you looking for an instrument as an addition to your educational program that allows students to learn through play? Then serious games might be for you.

Why serious games for education?

Makes learning fun

We make serious games that connect to the experience of the target audience and that are fun to play. Games continuously motivate students and challenges them to continue. This way, they keep being engaged with the subject material.

Students learn and experiment within a safe context

Students are able to see the consequences of their actions through serious games in a safe and controlled environment. Context can be given to courses. Take for example, a community college student following an electrical engineering course, practicing the placement of electrical components safely in a game. The student not only learns, but experiences the material from the course in a safe environment.

Applicable on different levels

Serious games can be applied to different levels and in different educational institutions: in Kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, High school, (Community ) College, and University. To ensure that the game fits well within the level and domain knowledge of the target audience, educational experts are involved in the development process.

Innovate in education

Find a connection with the experience of the target audience and improve the quality of education by innovating with serious games.

Does a serious game work for me?

Do you have an idea for a serious game? Or do you see an opportunity to use serious games in your organization? Take a short assessment to see if a serious game is suitable for your situation and what type you need.

Examples of serious games in education

Grendel Games, in collaboration with domain experts, develops serious games that achieve behavioral change. Take Garfield’s Count Me In, for example, in which the aim is to have children from (special) primary education do repetitive math exercises. This math game is based on the learning methodology ‘Het Rekenmuurtje’ (‘Math Wall’) and specifically designed by educational advisers. Together with these experts, a game was developed that helps children who have difficulty with learning math.

We do it together!

Not one question or problem is the same. We have adapted our process for this through 15 years of continuous improvement of our methods. The dialogue between stakeholders in a project is very important here. That is why we strive to build good relationships. This way we create a cooperation where we appreciate each other’s input and creativity. According to your feedback and that of the development team, we implement changes to the product. All this to make sure that the development of the game is aimed towards your wishes and those of the target audience.

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