Reducept and Grendel Games win World Summit Award



Today the WSA announced that ‘Reducept‘, a game that trains chronic pain patients in pain management, has won a World Summit Award in the category ‘Health & Well Being’. The prestigious World Summit Awards select local digital innovations that have a positive impact on society. The awards have been initiated by the UN to reach the UN sustainable development goals.

A lot of people suffer from chronic pain, a pain that is there but doesn’t have any visible cause. This is usually treated with medicine, but these cost money and don’t always work. Instead of using medication, people can train their brain to influence how they handle pain. In Reducept players travel through the human body, are educated on how pain works and learn techniques to handle pain.

As the developers of the game, we are very proud to be a partner of the Reducept team and our joint effort to make this game a success.

Tim Laning

Business developer

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