Developer Grendel Games
Release Date October 2015
Platform PC with Kinect
Price On request
Download On request


Balance training has always been frustrating, repetitive and confrontational. Thanks to Gryphon Rider this is no longer the case! Children can fully lose themselves in the game at affiliated rehabilitation centers or at home, unaware that they’re improving their balance. The focus shifts from doing exercises to playing the game, discovering an imaginative world and experiencing an adventure.

The story of the game takes place in a kingdom once under the tyrannical rule of the goblins. Hundreds of years ago, they were driven back by Isodore, the matriarch of the Gryphons. The people in the kingdom celebrate this victory every year by hosting a grand festival. During this festival people are racing through the sky on phoenixes. The young hero Koda participates in this competition but loses his balance when he notices that the goblins have returned. With a dizzying cruise he dumps into a ravine, and that’s just the beginning of the adventure! The player – like Koda – soon gets control of a Gryphon, after which all levels with different challenges, difficulties and fights must be overcome to restore the balance in the kingdom.

While the young client plays the game full of enthusiasm, the Kinect records the movements and posture of the client. This data is automatically processed in graphs. In this way the therapist can guide and adjust the client during the play session. If the client is playing Gryphon Rider at home, the therapist can remotely follow the rehabilitation and determine whether it is necessary for the client to come over for extra assistance.


The game is developed on request from and in collaboration with rehabilitation professionals. The staff of our Grendel Games team know how to make beautiful, exciting games but are not rehabilitation specialists. That’s why we asked rehabilitation professionals and rehabilitation clients to aid us during the development of Gryphon Rider. Their expertise gives content to the game and ensures that the rehabilitation is effective. In addition to this, other partners have been closely involved in the development, funding and final establishment of Gryphon Rider.



The official Gryphon Rider trailer onĀ YouTube