Company name Grendel Games BV
Founded 2003
Address Blokhuisplein 40, 8911LJ Leeuwarden, Nederland
Telephone number +31(0)6 – 81 56 56 35
Employees 13


Grendel Games is a development studio of both entertainment and serious games. We strive to create truly entertaining games with real educational value. Our games are all innovative, immersive experiences and sometimes they change the world.

In a period of nearly 10 years Grendel Games has grown to around 10 people. That’s still small enough to be informally creative, but big enough to be one of the most prominent in the world of serious games.

We feel that both entertainment and serious games should be ‘seriously entertaining’. In addition, we try to give all of our products an identity of their own. Every game should be original in some way. A visual style, some never-before-seen control scheme or the translation of clinical training into gameplay elements can all set a game apart.

We strive to cater to gamers with a knack for original and off-the-wall games, while remaining among the world’s leading trendsetters in the field of serious games.


Grendel Games was born out of a fascination for games. In our bedrooms, like many entrepreneurs before us. With a boundless enthusiasm for games, exploration, reinventing the wheel and trial and error, we grew into an adult company. Our vision is concrete, and bullshit free:

We want to develop seriously entertaining games that contribute to positive change in people and the world around us.

That’s it. Clear, right? And now to put some flesh on the bones, we realise this vision as follows:


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