Developer Grendel Games
Release Date 23rd of November 2016
Platform tablet
Price free
Download Not available


Garfield vs Hot Dog is a seriously entertaining adventure game in which you play as Garfield, on a mission to launch its own healthy food business, as you battle with Hot Dog’s successful fast food business. Hot Dog’s fast food has made New York residents fat and unhealthy. You have an opportunity to improve their eating habits and health by taking over Hot Dog’s stalls and delivering healthy food to hungry citizens. But first, collect your ingredients by playing airy mini games which are spread throughout the city. If you manage to conquer a neighborhood, you will have access to new neighborhoods with additional mini games, new challenges and more Garfield characters.


In The Netherlands 12,3% of the children between four and twelve years old are overweight. In many other countries, including the United States, this percentage is even higher. Children who are overweight have a higher risk of health problems, in their youth as well as at a later age. On seeing these numbers Tim Laning, one of the founders of Grendel Games, figured that for this target audience particularly a game might be a solution. After all, playing is learning!

We believe we can help children discover a healthy lifestyle by providing them with a fun and entertaining game. By applying appealing gameplay mechanics we will engage a global audience and create massive impact.



Official trailer on YouTube.

Gameplay on YouTube.