Meet Vincent

3 october 2017 – A new school year brings a new batch of fresh interns! In this post you can already meet one of these interns, Vincent.


Hello! My name is Vincent Versnel, and I am the new engineering intern at Grendel Games, as part of my third year Game Design & Development study at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

Before I started studying I have always had the feeling that I wanted to create something. At first I wanted to become an architect, but that dream got a quick turn the moment I got into video games. After a while the desktop PC from my parents was not good enough, so I delved into how computers work and found it to be quite fascinating. Slowly but surely I was also introduced to programming by the means of building simple websites in HTML, applications in Java and games in GameMaker. When I graduated from high school I wanted to explore game development due to my passion for both games and programming.

What mainly spikes my interest in the making of video games is the creativity and challenge that it brings. As well as working together in a team, because only with a good working, communicative team you can build the most creative and unique games. It is also very motivating for me to work on a project which I believe in.

Serious games bring an extra challenge to the table; not only do they have to be entertaining, they have to educate you about something as well.  It is difficult to strike a good balance between play and learning, and in my opinion Grendel Games does that extraordinarily well! Which is why I am also very thankful to be able to work with the Grendel team this semester.


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