Meet Friso, our new producer

27th of December 2016 – “It’s time for some change.” That’s what I thought when I read the vacancy for a producer on Grendel’s website a few weeks ago. During that time I had been running a game studio for more than 5 years together with 3 other people. 25 year old Friso would have never thought that he would work for a company full time, but here I am, a producer at Grendel Games!

What does a producer do?

Creating a game is quite complex. A process where multiple disciplines have to work together to create a product where art, programming, game design, audio and everything else is coming together. Obviously this doesn’t always go smoothly. That’s where a producer comes in. He makes sure that everybody knows what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

Let’s introduce: Friso

Producer FrisoSo hi, my name is Friso Roolvink. I’m the new addition to the Grendel team. I have been training a lot for my new job. Since I was young I have been playing a lot of tycoon and management games. I love games and I love making games. But apparently you don’t get hired by the amount of games that you have played. Luckily, I also have experience in managing game productions. During my time as entrepreneur I have been project manager, product owner or scrum master on several games. I like optimizing processes, but what I like more is simple solutions and common sense.

Experience as a producer

Before I was a producer at Grendel Games, I had been doing a lot of different things. A little bit of acquisition, game design, prototyping, consulting, teaching, workshops and a lot of project management. Change is the spice of life but a mish mash of everything usually spoils the taste. You can’t be good at everything. That’s why I decided it was time for a change and focus on the part that I was doing the most.

I’m very happy that I can do this in a company that I have been working with and getting advice from since I was in university. A company that I can grow along with. And a company of people who I can have a beer with.

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