Meet Justin and Quirina



18 September 2018 – A new school year brings a new batch of fresh interns!


Hey! I am Justin van der Leij. De programming intern at Grendel Games.
I am taking the course “Application Development” at the Friesland College in Leeuwarden. I mainly focus on game development there.

Ever since I was a little boy I was interested in technology.
When I was 13 I learned what “programming” is: How I could type in a few words in my computer to make it do anything I wanted.
And so I started off making simple things, like a calculater and a todo app.
Later on I realised that I could also make games in the same manner.
That has been my passion ever since.

Grendel Games is giving me the opportunity to learn how a real (serious) game is made.
It’s very exciting for me to get the chance to work on games that are ment to actually help people, while still being fun to play, of course.
During my internship at Grendel Games I’ll make sure to try and learn as much as possible from the Grendel Team.”


Greetings adventurer, my name is Quirina Wiersma.
I am the new Game Art Intern at Grendel Games.
My goal in life is to tame fantasy creatures and create illustrations, off course one is imaginary the other is true. By the time this story about me is published I’ve already been eaten by a Gryphon. Joking!

The truth is that I want to do SOMETHING with my drawing skills.. But in my world everything has to be made possible, I want to be as close to monsters as I can be.
Which means designing them and bringing them to life, or even being one if that’s what it takes.
Also the idea of building figurines and costumes next to drawing seems really awesome to me
The nicest thing I’ve done in a personal project is to make a concept for a big animal mask complete with tail and paws to wear myself.

My favourite games are Silent Hill, Darkwood and Monster Hunter.
Gaming is an interesting world to me because I grow up in it and it makes me feel at home, it always reminds me to stay motivated and improve my skills.
I study at Game Artist in Drachten. There is no other education that inspires me as much as this one.
Even though I don’t play a ton of games, I still really want to know more about how to create a unique look and feel for games. But also other things trigger my interests like theme parks, shows or big stages such as EDC Las Vegas.
To me it’s quite a challenge to get to the right direction of where I want to be.
Because after all it’s really important to unleash the little monster that lives within me upon creating new awesome monsters in this world!


Tim Laning

Business developer

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