Location: 50% Remote and 50% on-site

Type of contract: Full-time, multi-year

About Grendel Games

We create fun. We do this by creating games: Serious Games that can be used to teach and train new skills, change perceptions, and share new ideas with the goal of changing the world for the better, bit by bit. That last part is reflected in our core values: trust, openness, transparency and equality.

We’ve being doing this for nearly twenty years and we’re good at it. Our games have won awards and we have international clients and partners in the sustainability, education, and healthcare sectors.

Our brilliant team is made up of creative people across a wide range of disciplines and since we are growing, we need someone to help herd the cats. Not literally, obviously, we don’t have any cats in the office, just the occasional doggies. Not that cats wouldn’t be welcome, of course they would. Which is a cute way of saying: our team is diverse and open to more diversity.

We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled AI Engineer to join our team at a serious game company. This innovative role will lead the development of a comprehensive organ and tissue asset library using deep learning, with the ultimate goal of training surgeons on laparoscopic skills through realistic simulations.

We are seeking an experienced Industrial Designer or Biomedical Engineer to join our team and lead the design and creation of a low-cost medical input device. The primary responsibility of this role will be to design an input device that can be used to simulate laparoscopic surgical instruments in conjunction with commercial consumer hardware input devices, as part of our efforts to revolutionize surgical training.



What do we have to offer?

This position is a great opportunity to work in an international, award-winning Serious Game studio in the Netherlands. You’ll occupy a decisive role within our teams, allowing you to leave your footprint in games that contribute to make our world a better place.

Over the years we’ve created a company culture based on openness, trust and growth. We value quick decision making over bureaucratic processes, and there’s no room for office politics with us. Our team is regularly praised by partners and clients for its professionalism and quality and we continuously work to increase our standards.

Working at Grendel Games allows you:


This is a unique opportunity to work on a cutting-edge project that has the potential to revolutionize surgical training. If you are an experienced Industrial Designer or Biomedical Engineer with a passion for innovation and a desire to make a difference, we encourage you to apply. If you’re interested in this position or if you have some questions, contact jj@grendelgames.com for more information.