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We create fun. We do this by creating games: Serious Games that can be used to teach and train new skills, change perceptions, and share new ideas with the goal of changing the world for the better, bit by bit. That last part is reflected in our core values: trust, openness, transparency and equality.

We’ve being doing this for nearly twenty years and we’re good at it. Our games have won awards and we have international clients and partners in the sustainability, education, and healthcare sectors. Our brilliant team is made up of creative people across a wide range of disciplines. We are very open to more diversity.


Want to come and work with us? Our current vacancies are shown below. If there’s nothing for you, but you’d still like to work with us, you can send us an open application.


It’s great that you’re interested in doing an internship with us! Just click the role you want to apply for, carefully read the profile and follow the instructions on that page to apply.

Currently, all internship positions are filled and we do not take any new applicants!

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