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We create fun. We do this by creating games: Serious Games that can be used to teach and train new skills, change perceptions, and share new ideas with the goal of changing the world for the better, bit by bit. That last part is reflected in our core values: trust, openness, transparency and equality.

We’ve being doing this for nearly twenty years and we’re good at it. Our games have won awards and we have international clients and partners in the sustainability, education, and healthcare sectors.

Our brilliant team is made up of creative people across a wide range of disciplines and since we are growing, we need someone to help herd the cats. Not literally, obviously, we don’t have any cats in the office, just the occasional doggies. Not that cats wouldn’t be welcome, of course they would. Which is a cute way of saying: our team is diverse and open to more diversity.

The art internship position for the first half of 2023 has been filled.
The game design internship position for the first half of 2023 has been filled.
The programming internship position for the first half of 2023 has been filled.
The online marketeer internship position for the first half of 2023 has been filled.

Working at Grendel Games

Want to come and work with us? Our current vacancies are shown below. If there’s nothing for you, but you’d still like to work with us, you can send us an open application. Are you looking for an internship? Click here.

We are currently looking for:

Did you see an interesting vacancy or do you want to do an open application? Fill in your details below, upload your CV, and give us the link to your online portfolio.

Game developer

We are looking for an all-round game programmer with experience in developing with Unity and C#. We offer a creative, fulfilling and demanding position in which you work independently in a small development team.

You will be a programmer in one of our independent development teams and will be responsible for the technical design and implementation for that team’s projects. Each team consists of designers, artists and engineers and each team owns multiple projects which are worked on iteratively in dedicated sprints.

  • Together with the team and stakeholders you will create the technical design for our games.
  • You will program the game’s code, taking into account re-use of existing modules and libraries and designing your own code for easy re-use in future projects.
  • You will ensure your game’s technical correctness and performance.
  • You can give input on all aspects of a game’s development, both technical as well as artistic and design-wise.
  • You will communicate with the client about the technical requirements for a game and gather these requirements in formal documentation.
  • As part of the engineering team you will formulate and iterate on the company’s technical vision for the future.

What are the requirements?

  • Skilled in software design as well as development.
  • Strong communication skills to both peers and clients.
  • Proficient in C++/C# and Object Oriented Programming.
  • Ample experience in working with the Unity game engine.
  • A strong grasp of vector mathematics and algebra.
  • Experience with developing for PC/Mac, web and mobile platforms and understanding their different requirements.
  • Ability to clearly comment and document code and conform to specific coding standards.
  • Experience with using Git or similar source control systems.
  • Experience with debugging and optimizing software.
  • Being eager to learn.
  • Being able to work independently.
  • Having a strong vision and drive.
  • Having a strong user-oriented mindset.
  • Being able to work closely with a small creative team.

What do we have to offer?

  • Be able to make entertainment games with a purpose to make our world a better place.
  • Responsibility and freedom in organizing and executing your work.
  • Room for experimentation and growth.
  • Scheduled time and budget for personal development and training.
  • Work with a creative and driven team of professionals.
  • Work in an old Dutch prison in a relaxed game studio.
  • Combine remote work with your own, dedicated space at the office.

Employment: full-time
Location: Preferably on location in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, or remote.

If you’re interested in this position or if you have some questions, contact for more information. 

Online marketing (internship)

We are looking for someone who will provide our website and social media with fun, interesting and unique content. Would you like to create engaging marketing material about our serious games and think about what content connects best with our target groups? Then read on.

What are you going to do?

You will help us execute our marketing plans to introduce people from all over the world to serious games and the opportunities they offer. The ultimate goal is to reach as many people as possible and convert them into players and customers. To do this, you will be doing mostly practical work.

  • You will create marketing materials based on our input and tailor them to the intended audiences. We’re even happier if you come up with good suggestions for content yourself!
  • You write and optimize texts and articles about serious games and our products, for example:
    • Descriptions of our products.
    • Commercial landing pages to convert potential customers.
    • Advertising texts for our services.
    • Knowledge articles on topics related to serious games.
    • Texts for social media posts.
  • You will create multimedia content for different marketing channels (website, facebook, twitter, linkedin, newsletter), for example:
    • Screenshots and (gameplay) videos of our games for advertising on store pages, website and social media channels.
    • Photos of people playing our games.
    • Images for online advertising campaigns.
    • Instructional or demonstration videos of our games.
  • You will keep track of our social media channels and respond to messages from players and followers.
  • You will  explore new opportunities to introduce people to serious games.

What do we ask from you?

  • You are currently following a marketing or communication related study on HBO or MBO level.
  • You can write good, professional texts and you rarely make spelling mistakes.
  • You have strong written and oral communication skills in English and Dutch.
  • You have knowledge about SEO.
  • You have graphical skills and have experience with software for photo editing, video editing and illustration.
  • You know how to handle a (photo) camera.
  • You know how to work with WordPress and Mailchimp.
  • You have an interest in (serious) games. If you are a passionate gamer, that is a plus!

What we offer

  • The opportunity to do an internship for one of the most progressive, somewhat quirky serious games developers with clients all over the world.
  • Lots of freedom in the form of the content you create. The space to do experiments in your field and try new things, provided you manage to convince us first.
  • An enthusiastic and passionate team of professionals to work with in a relaxed and professional work environment.
  • A nice workplace and the possibility to play a game of pinball on the ‘Black Knight’ or get into an x-wing with our arcade cabinets during your break.


Do you recognize yourself in the profile above? If you want to respond to this internship vacancy, please send your motivation letter, CV and portfolio to for the attention of Friso Roolvink.

Internship at Grendel Games

It’s great that you’re interested in doing an internship with us! To make the process of applying for an internship as easy as possible, we have created a profile for each discipline. Are you matching a profile? Then you can apply by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

The art internship position for the first half of 2023 has been filled.
The game design internship position for the first half of 2023 has been filled.
The programming internship position for the first half of 2023 has been filled.
The online marketeer internship position for the first half of 2023 has been filled.

Do you want to increase your chances of getting an internship? Then read these articles that explain how you can score an internship with us:

Internship profiles

General profile

  • You are looking for an internship of one semester (20 weeks) or longer.
  • You are socially proficient
  • You like to work in a team.
  • You have an independent and proactive working attitude
  • You speak and write English fluently.
  • You love to play and create games.
  • You are motivated to work in the game development industry
  • You know that you are applying for a game development position and you show work that fits within this context.
  • You are aware that working in the game industry is not always perfect and sometimes can be frustrating, annoying or difficult.


  • Resume.
  • An appliance letter in which you explain why you want to do your internship with us.
  • Always show your best and most recent work.

Engineering profile

  • You are experienced with an object-oriented programming language (C#/C++/Java).
  • You are experienced with the Unity3D engine.
    • Experience with Unreal Engine is also accepted if you are willing to invest time to learn Unity3D
  • You are experienced with designing, implementing and debugging algorithms and data structures
  • You focus on writing reusable, maintainable and expandable code.
  • You are proficient in math on a highschool level (HAVO/Higher General Secondary Education)
    • A grasp of vector mathematics is beneficial.


  • Two or more game development related projects that give a good impression of your skills. Preferably these projects are also playable/testable, but the code is the most important.
  • Explain during your application which parts of your code you want to discuss and explain.
  • If you worked with multiple programmers on a project, make it clear which parts of the code are yours.

Game design profile

  • You speak and write Dutch or English fluently.
  • You know how to translate serious objectives to fun game mechanics.
  • You are very good at at least one of the skils below:
    • Narrative design
    • UX/UI design
    • Game balance
    • Level design


  • At least one game design document that you have written.
  • Material that shows your contribution to at least 3 games.

Art profile

  • You can show work in different styles, ranging from cartoony to realistic.
  • You can show work in different applications, for example environment design, character design, UI design (visual), 2D assets (game ready), texture jobs, etc.
  • You can show that you know how to create and deliver game-ready assets.
  • You have to be able to show that you posses the right skills. Think about composition, drawing, sketching, knowledge about color and it’s use.


  • Explain for each piece of work why you made it.
  • Add technical details to assets or textures, for example resolution, poly count, wireframes, etc.
  • In at least one piece of work, show your workflow steps. Starting from idea to sketch and the technique your are using until the end product.
  • If you apply for an animator position, we would like you to show that you master the animation principles. Deliver at least a walk cycle of a character.
  • Make sure that your portfolio is clean and easily accessible. We prefer Sketchfab for 3D models and animations and ArtStation for 2D work.

Did you see a profile that matches you and do you meet the requirements? Then we would love to hear from you! You can let us know that you’re interested in an internship by completing the form below. If you have impressed us by your portfolio, we’ll get in touch.