How do you involve citizens with the design of public spaces and improve climate resilience?

By giving them the chance to playfully design their own 3D space and test it in different weather types!

Yes In My Back Yard! The citizen participation game Yimby allows citizens to assess, adapt and create designs for a neighborhood or public space or test designs for resilience to heat stress, drought and flooding. The premise of the game is to design the space climate resistant and to have the users of the area actively participate. Yimby can contribute to participation processes at different levels of the participation ladder and is flexibly deployable.


Project goal

Citizens and organizations can more quickly realize a supported design for public space redevelopment to improve the quality of the living environment and reduce social costs. Citizens can use the game to design their own public space (with a number of game rules). The organization determines these rules and provides the game board.


Yimby is a playful design tool for all citizens where you can create your own, perfect public space. You can view, rate and comment on designs from the organization and your neighbours. View designs from all angles in 3D to see all the details. Create a design yourself and add trees, paths, grass, or maybe more parking space? See your park, playground or street come alive and make it look just the way you want it. But beware of the weather!

After creating a design, you can test if it withstands the forces nature by running simulations of extreme heat, drought and heavy rainfall. Make sure to make your design resilient to extreme weather to improve the living quality of you and your neighbours. And who knows, maybe you will make the highest rated design of the entire neighbourhood and get to see your design for real.




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Tim Laning

Business developer

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