Van Doesburg-Rinsemahuis in Virtual Reality

Since June 2017 the city of Drachten has a newly added styleicon: residential museum the Van Doesburg-Rinsemahuis. This house is internationally regarded as a crowd puller and one of the highlights in the work of Theo van Doesburg, founder of art movement ‘De Stijl’.

In Drachten Van Doesburg realized his first big assignment: the color design for 16 middle-class houses in 1921. One of the houses is currently being restored to its original state. Both on the inside and outside. Experience a real three-dimensional Stijlschilderij (a ‘Stijl’-painting), and discover that a house from 100 years ago still looks hypermodern.

With the Van Doesburg-Rinsema VR experience you can get a virtual taste of the Stijlschilderij located at the Torenstraat 2 in Drachten. Walk through the house in VR and visit the various rooms.

If you would like to know more about this game, or would like to develop a seriously entertaining game, contact Jan-Jaap of Grendel Games.