How can you learn about history and language?

By going outside, completing missions for secret factions to uncover their secrets!

Play for control of Leeuwarden in one of the three factions. These three mysterious groups are fighting for control of Leeuwarden with the aid of a secret code that they are developing. Join one of them and help them in their mission. Prepare secret codes for your faction partners or solve them and earn shards with which you can capture locations in Leeuwarden. Slowly you unravel the mystery of the three factions and what their role is in Leeuwarden.


Project goal

Develop a game that entices Frisian children and youth to have at least 100,000 interactions with language, multilingualism and culture in Leeuwarden by 2018.

Us: Lân fan Taal

The game lets you experience the history of Leeuwarden and Friesland in general and the role that language has played in it. The location-based gameplay guides you along unique locations in the city center of Leeuwarden. If you live outside of Leeuwarden, you can help with remote missions. In a special mode you can send your trained bird on the road to exchange codes for you.

Target audience

The game is aimed towards young people between 11 and 18 year old. Tourists who visit Leeuwarden and want to explore the city can also play the game. For both target audiences the game offers an exciting way to learn Frisian language and culture while they visit Friesland.


US: Lân fan Taal’s client is Afûk: a foundation that promotes Frisian language and culture. The game is part of the ‘Lân fan Taal’ program, an important pillar for the year 2018 in which Leeuwarden and Friesland are cultural capital of Europe. The game connects cultural historical heritage and multilangualism. That is why the ‘Historisch Centrum Leeuwarden’ (Historical Centre of Leeuwarden) and Tresoar also important partners for the project.


The game can be played in three languages ​​and you can change language at any time. This makes it possible for example to play the game in Frisian while you are still learning the language. If you get stuck, you can immediately read the texts in English.

Different cultural routes

The game can also lead you along themed routes, for example visit the many locations that played an important role in the Second World War, or the many facades in the city with unique inscriptions.

Discover the unique history of Leeuwarden and Friesland and unravel the secret of the three factions!




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