How do you challenge children to make repetitive arithmetic exercises?

By taking them along in an adventurous game where they repeat the exercises unnoticed…

Important note: Rekenheld is published and maintained by ‘Lexima’. Grendel Games can no longer provide support for this game. Rekenheld is the updated version of ‘Garfield’s Count Me In’. We created this version for ‘Lexima’ who provided new characters and character art for the game. Lexima is currently deploying Rekenheld to schools everywhere in the Netherlands to help children with their math and arithmetics. The game sends students on a quest to find all their friends, who are scattered on an alien planet, inhabited by ‘numbs’. Players can only progress in the world by solving math problems appropriate to their level. By progressing through the world, they explore new areas while learning new math skills. Teachers can monitor students’ development through a convenient dashboard. Learning math has never been this much fun!


Project goal

Create a game to help primary school children, especially those who are having trouble learning mathematics, to frequently practice their math skills in a fun way.


Rekenheld’s friends have been kidnapped by evil space dogs! Rekenheld will not let this slide and decides to free his friends. He jumps into his space ship and travels to the planet where the evil space dogs have brought his friends. On this planet, Rekenheld gets followed by wondrous creatures with numbers on their belly. Soon Rekenheld discovers that these creatures can help him to find his friends. How? Simple: by solving math problems!

Matching the player’s level

Each child learns in their own way and at their own pace. The game takes this into account by dynamically matching the difficulty of the math exercises so they perfectly match the player’s skill level. Is the child ready for a new challenge? Then they join Rekenheld in his space ship to explore the rest of the math universe and discover other planets. Each planet offers new math exercises and the time challenge is raised step by step. The player wins the game when all planets have been explored and all Rekenheld’s friends have been set free.


While the children play the game, parents and teachers can track their progress through a dedicated dashboard. Using the dashboard teachers can gain insight into the performance per exercise at both class and individual level. Parents can see the performance of their own children on an individual level.


Rekenheld is currently being distributed by Lexima. See their website for more information on how and where to play Rekenheld.




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