How can you give young students confidence and make them enthusiastic for the next step in their education?

By sending them on a quest to explore and discover their future school!

The move to secondary school is exciting and also quite difficult. Because what exactly does that look like? And what can a student do at VMBO? With Go VMBO, students discover everything about secondary education in general and pre-vocational secondary education in particular in a fun and playful way. In the game, students go on an exploration during their first day at school. They can ask questions to students and teachers, and solve puzzles in classrooms. This way they gradually discover secondary education and their own talents and interests.


Project goal

Help children in higher grades of elementary school to make a good decision for their future education by providing them with the information they need about pre-vocational secondary education.


Go on an adventure in your new school and discover your passion!

Today is your first day at the pre-vocational secondary education (VMBO). There are so many professions that you can choose, but which one is right for you? Explore the school with your friend Fay and meet students from all different education profiles. Along the way you learn about secondary education in general, pre-vocational secondary education and the profiles you can choose.

Solve all puzzles
GoVMBO is a ‘point and click’ adventure game. You will explore your home, the school and the classrooms in the school. Each of the 10 sections in the school has its own room, each with its own puzzle. Solve the puzzle to unlock more information about the profile and the profession.

Create your own character
Choose a boy or girl, your hair and skin color and all your clothes to make your character unique.




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