How can you help students to evaluate vast amounts of information and separate fact from fiction?

By letting them solve a murder mystery with thorough research in a world full of lies.

Strong information skills are needed to critically consider the world around you. In their first year, these skills are not sufficiently present in many students. Nor do they always see the importance of them. Coming Clean introduces students to the subjects of information literacy in an engaging way, by making these skills the tools to solve a murder mystery. It prepares them for the lessons that go more in depth on the subjects and makes them aware of the importance of information literacy. Will they be able to unravel all the information sources, draw the right conclusions and find out who the killer was?


Project goal

Introduce students to the subject of information literacy and motivate them to improve their competence level.

Coming Clean

You are Musk Warren, world-famous multibillionaire. And you have a vision: solving global warming. Your science department is well on its way, lead by the great head of research ‘Julia’. But on an unfortunate night, you find her lying lifeless on the cold floor of your office, murdered… The guards quickly discover you, standing next to her body, and you realize you have a big problem now. It’s your task to prove your innocence and find out who the real killer is.


In Coming Clean, players have to explore rooms to find clues, combine them and find the solution to advance in the story and to the next level. The puzzles presented to the player consist of learning an informational literacy skill that they have to apply to find the solution. For example, they need to find and evaluate several sources of information to find out who has written them and what their purpose is. The puzzles are driven by a rich storyline that always keeps the player guessing about what exactly has happened, until the murder is solved.





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