How can you teach students about the effects of mobile screens on sleep?

By letting them fight against waves of sleep depriving monsters with the right colour spells for the right time of day!

Over a third of our lives we spend sleeping. And that is not without reason; sleeping is important for us to be able to function properly. Sleeping badly leaves you with less energy and focus. There are a multitude of ways to learn how to sleep better. The Hersenstichting (Brain Foundation) and Chrono@Work asked Grendel Games to develop a game to teach children between the age of 11 and 14 about sleeping. We started working on this early in 2017. Of course, we have not been sleeping these past few months, but we have been working very hard on this game!


Project goal

Create awareness amongst students concerning sleeping issues and spark a durable change in behaviour.

Charge your Brainzzz

A lot of young people take their smartphones everywhere. They literally get out of bed with it, and take it there again in the evening. This is not favourable for their sleep. It is the constantly being active, combined with the light of the screen, that confuses the brain. In the evening it sends a signal that it is still day and that you don’t have to go to sleep yet. This results in too little sleep, which means less energy and focus during the day.

Course material about sleeping

Talking about sleep can be pretty sleep-inducing for the target audience. That is why a different approach has been chosen. Chrono@Work is currently collaborating with the Hersenstichting to create a course called Charge your Brainzzz for students between the age of 11 and 14, among other things containing an explanatory animation and a game. The purpose of the course is creating awareness amongst the students concerning sleeping issues and spark a durable change in behaviour.

The Hersenstichting has already posted a press release about the development of the course on their website. Click here to read it.




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