Burst your Bubble

Can a Serious Game help with increasing the awareness of the impact of social media on the news?

Burst your Bubble is a prototype that, with help of the SIDN fund, has been developed to investigate if we can create awareness of the influence of social media on how we perceive the news.

News Bubble

In the last few years the way we consume news has changed enormously. There used to be only a few news channels, these days there are hundreds. Not all these channels give the same news. Through Facebook you might hear about the effects of climate change, while somebody else might only see results doubting climate change.

Screenshot Burst your Bubble

In the game Burst your Bubble you are being confronted with this phenomenon. You can only win the game if you can put yourself in somebody else’s news-bubble. This way awareness is created, and you will learn to recognise your own bubble.


This prototype has been made possible by the SIDN Fund. The SIDN Fund stands for a strong internet for everybody. They invest in projects with guts and added social value, that contribute to a stronger internet and the empowerment of the internet user in an innovative manner.


The prototype has been tested on a small scale. It became clear that the subject is close to people’s hearts. The type of game seems to fit well with the subject of the news-bubble and people find this an important subject to focus on.