Questions & answers

also known as frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to the questions we most often get asked.

Every year we receive quite some emails of people who are curious about our day-to-day work or are wondering what our office looks like in real life. Our internships have a minimum duration of 6 months, so unfortunately you can’t just spend a few days with us. However, we are very proud of our company and its monsters so we would be happy to show you around! That’s why we host two open days a year, in April and November. For exact dates stay tuned with our Facebook or website.

All of our games are seriously entertaining! But yes, we specialise in games with a serious objective that are also really cool to play. We aren’t making any games that are just entertaining at the moment, but if you have a brilliant idea, email us.

Most certainly, all the information can be found on this page. We also host an open day twice a year where you can receive feedback on your portfolio, while here you’re also more than welcome to apply for a placement.

We regularly have vacancies. Look at jobs to see if we have any right now; if not, you can always send us your portfolio. You can read how to do this on the contact page.

Most games, from assignment to delivery, take about a year. A ‘simple’ one can be delivered in six months. A large project can take two years or more.

Pff. Good question. That depends on your requirements, and we could name an amount with lots of zeros on the end, but that doesn’t tell you very much. Let’s put it this way: the majority of our clients have a serious objective and understand that a lot of hours go into making a game. We therefore mostly work for large organisations and receive government subsidies. Click here to get an idea of our clients and partners. To request a quotation, please email Jan-Jaap.

No, other companies can do this better. But we do work with web designers on our own website and those of our games.

No, we don’t. But sometimes an app can also be a game or part of a game. For each assignment, we look at whether we can make a cool gaming experience out of an app.

Grendel is the name of the monster in the Old English heroic epic poem Beowulf. You can read why we chose it on our history page.

There are several parking spaces nearby: look on for more information.

Yes, we wonder about that too 🙂 First of all, we always look in the Blokhuispoort courtyard, where he’s often making a call. If he’s not there, then he’s on his way by plane, train or automobile to launch a new project or give a presentation. We suspect that he’s often in more than one place at once, but haven’t yet found the hard evidence to prove it…