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25th of January 2017 – Since 2013, the Global Game Jam has been the highlight of January for me. Attempting to design and build a game in 48 hours. This is an enormous, but really fun challenge. I’m very happy with our result from this year: the submarine navigation game “Depth Perception”.


Every year, the Global Game Jam has a different theme on which the games are based. This theme is only announced at the start of the jam, so thinking of a concept before the event is not an option. One of the best game jam tips I’ve heard is to not dwell too long on your game concept, but just start building and see if it’s any fun. This way it’s easier to find good improvements on your concept.

The concept we started building was no more than the following:

  • You control a submarine.
  • The only method of orientation is a feed of camera images from outside the submarine.
  • These images show almost nothing of the surroundings, unless you use your sonar.

Building the Game

We built these previously mentioned features first. At the end of Friday night, we had a playable version to test

Global Game Jam

From this prototype, it became apparent that our concept was already pretty fun to play. Thus, we continued building mainly new gameplay elements to add more challenge. During the rest of the weekend we’ve added sea-mines, depth charges, a couple of sea monsters and a cockpit with various instruments.

One of the best aspects of a game jam is to see how games look a day later. This is usually a world of difference with the previous day.

Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam

This is the most fun and complete game I’ve made on a game jam. I can’t wait to build something this awesome again next year!

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