Do doctors play games?



When I linked my oculus Quest 2 headset to my Facebook account, as you do, I was surprised by the number of doctors who popped up in my “friends already on quest” list.

But I wasn’t surprised for long, almost all of the doctors I know are techno-fans, from electric vehicles to smartphones and games. I used to get all of my best advice on Apple related stuff from a retired orthopaedic surgeon, who very often shared with me the games he was enjoying.  “But surely it’s only the boys” you might be thinking, which I think is one of those unconscious bias statements that Hans Rosling could have demolished with one of his lovely bubble charts (check out this TED talk if you’ve never seen it) It may have been true ten years ago, but with more diversity in game studios, and game genres that appeal to the gameplayer in everyone, we now see that games are played by a diverse range of people of all ages.

And what does this mean for Serious Games – it means we now have an open door to use Serious Games across the board to train new, skills, ideas  and perceptions for the widest audience ever, because everyone likes having fun.