‘Distress!’ wins Gold Medal in Serious Play Awards



Grendel Games has received the highest international distinction at the prestigious International Serious Play Awards ’23 in Toronto. This event is a leading international gathering for game developers creating serious games to enhance skills and knowledge development.

Four Grendel employees are holding our gold Serious Play award.

We were awarded the gold Serious Play Award for our serious game ‘Distress!’. This app is designed to train nurses in recognizing subtle signs of respiratory problems in patients and responding appropriately. Early identification of breathing issues and timely intervention contribute to a reduction in the number of cardiac arrests among hospital patients. The game was developed in collaboration with medical professionals from the University of Maryland in Baltimore.

Jury report

“Grendel Games has introduced an interactive training application focused on improving nurses’ response to deteriorating patients. This comprehensive tool simulates real-life scenarios, allowing learners to make crucial decisions and enhance their response coordination,” states the jury report. “By bridging the gap between traditional didactic education and practice-oriented simulation programs, this application serves as a primary learning tool and cognitive aid, ultimately contributing to better patient outcomes.”

Serious impact

Tim Laning, founder of Grendel Games, expresses pride: “We are grateful for this international recognition of our work and the excellent collaboration with our partner and client, the University of Maryland Medical Centre in Baltimore.” Tim continues, “Our goal is to have a serious impact on innovation and improvement not only in healthcare but also in how people learn, study, train, and develop using serious games. The gold Serious Play Award is a tremendous affirmation of this.”

Although we could not be present at the award ceremony, we received the prize by mail. The gold Serious Play Award now has a prominent place in our office.

Tim Laning

Business developer

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