We design the future of serious games

Imagine: a world where people can change lives in a positive way using games. We think this is possible. Even stronger: we work at this every day – and have done so for years. We adamantly believe that seriously entertaining games are the future. The game developers community is a young sector that needs pioneers, daring, creativity and people with an entrepreneurial spirit to evolve. We aim to help the games industry develop further. We do this by giving lectures and acting as guest speakers, taking on interns, organizing the G-Ameland Festival and collaborating on the Global Game Jam. Furthermore we host two open days so the community can take a look behind the scenes.

Open Days

Every year we receive quite some emails of people who are curious about our day-to-day work or are wondering what our office looks like in real life. We are very proud of our company and its monsters so we would be happy to show you around! That’s why we host two open days a year, in April and November. For exact dates stay tuned with our Facebook or website.

The open days are a perfect opportunity to show us your work. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about an internship at Grendel Games or if you just want some feedback, we would love to take a look at your work!

Collaboration with NHL

We want to share our knowledge. This is why, in the past few years, we closely collaborated with the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden (NHL) university of applied sciences and supported the institute in the development of a games curriculum.

We also joined forces with the NHL in its installation of the motion capture studio of the former Gameship at De Blokhuispoort. The operation was a success and gave us, together with students and other gaming companies in the city, the opportunity to transform De Blokhuispoort into the number one hub in the field of game development.

We thought it would be a totally cool idea to unite all the small-scale game development studios in Friesland in De Blokhuispoort. Do you have a games studio and would you like to talk to us about moving in at De Blokhuispoort? Don’t hesitate to contact Jan-Jaap!


G-Ameland is a biannual festival where makers of games, students and lecturers from all corners of the globe meet on the island of Ameland to immerse themselves non-stop in the world of games for five days.

We exchange knowledge, share experiences and develop games together. Five days later, we leave the island with red eyes from lack of sleep and too many hours spent behind our computer screens to return to the real world. Sigh, wouldn’t it be wonderful if life was just one big G-Ameland?

G-Ameland 2018, Ameland
In 2018, the island of Ameland will be a global ‘games platform’ for serious gaming. For five whole days, Ameland will be the foremost place for creative people from the games industry to gather. Over fifteen European universities will be joining forces to develop new games at this event. We will announce the registration date on this page as soon as possible.

Northern Game Industry Gathering

The game industry in the North is buzzing, a lot of fun events are being organised and there’s loads of talent present but we are not always aware of this. It’s hard to find each other and connect, that’s why this gathering came to life.

The very first ideas for the Northern Game Industry Gathering sprouted around 2010 in the Paddy O’Ryan in Leeuwarden, the favorite hangout spot of our monsters. Years later the idea got more shape, Mendel Bouman (Indie Gameleon) and Friso Roolvink (formerly Critical Bit) organised the first official gathering in 2013. More companies have joined the group and now the gathering is being organised by a range of companies, including Grendel Games. The Northern Game Industry Gathering is hosted every 3rd Friday of the month, alternating between Groningen and Leeuwarden at different locations. Nowadays some 300 developers, aspirant game designers and initiators are attending the gatherings.

Please drop by, meet new people, talk about games, get inspired and start new adventures! There are no costs for participating, but we would like to ask you to register for the gathering. To stay informed subscribe to the invitation-list, please enlist here.

Global Game Jam

Once every year, Grendel Games organizes the Global Game Jam at De Blokhuispoort. The Global Game Jam is the world’s largest game jam event to take place at hundreds of locations all across the globe – all during one and the same weekend. Now, how cool is that?

More than 20,000 game designers, artists, programmers, students, lecturers and fans will gather to create a game within the space of 48 hours. The event is a perfect opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and exchange knowledge. Thousands of games are created all over the world during the Global Game Jam.