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Game based learning for MedTech

Gaming is mainstream, and with a huge variety of game genres we can find the right style of game to achieve your learning objectives and appeal to your target audience, whatever the arena.

Motivating medical students with games

Medical studies comparatively take longer. They take averagely 7 years to finish, depending on the country and university. Students who are intrinsically motivated are less

E-learning and serious games

The digital landscape is constantly expanding. E-learning, also known as digital learning (often via the Internet), is becoming more and more common. E-learning and serious

Distance learning with serious games

Due to COVID-19, teaching and classes are more frequent online. This new form of education is not always easy to integrate. For primary school children,

How to use Augmented Reality in education

As technology continues to advance, educators are constantly developing new and creative ways to teach their students. From the chalkboard and the projector to smartboards