Carin visits Blizzard Entertainment!

22nd of September 2016 – Thanks to the Personal Development Plan we work with at Grendel Games I got the opportunity to visit Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine, California.

I met up with the former instructor of my iAnimate online animation course, David Gibson, who works at the Overwatch animation team. While there I also had the privilege to meet Jeremy Collins who works on the animations of World of Warcraft. These talented animators gave me an elaborate tour inside Blizzard, showing me all the departments (raids, quests, environment, animation, modeling, rigging etc.) and introduced me to their colleagues.

Carin at Blizzard Entertainment

After the tour I had the opportunity to show them my World of Warcraft inspired animations (the 3D model was made by Lieuwe de Wit). They gave me a lot of useful feedback which I can now use to improve my animations.

It was a very special experience to travel to California, to see Blizzard with my own eyes and to meet up with my former instructor.

Carin at Blizzard Entertainment

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