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27th of January 2017 – On March 6, 2017 Grendel Games starts a new large pilot for the Water Battle (previously Wijk & Water Battle) in collaboration with water company Vitens. Grendel Games wrapped up the previous pilot together with Vitens in December of 2015. For the game and successful first pilot Grendel Games got the award for Best Serious Game at the September 2016 Dutch Game Awards.

In the first pilot in the autumn of 2015 two elementary schools battled against each other, supported by the neighbourhoods in which the schools are located. During the second pilot, which starts on March 6, seven elementary schools will face off in a three-month battle. The Water Battle consist of a mobile game, an app, and integration with smart water meters.

Wijk & Water Battle

Saving energy and expenses

Water company Vitens, initiator of the Water Battle, wants to use the game to produce water in a more environment-friendly way. Spikes in water usage cause the water pumps at Vitens to work at high capacity, which costs a lot of extra energy. By making customers spread their water usage over the day the impact on the environment can be reduced.

New pilot generates more data

Anne Draaisma, art director at Grendel Games, is one of the game’s developers. “During this new and larger pilot we will be gathering more data. We start the project setting a baseline, which will be used to compare the data gathered during the battle, giving a clear image of the project’s impact. 7 schools will participate for a total of 250 households. We made the game even more attractive for the players. Each week a group winner is decided, the children can become Mayor of Water, and the registration procedure has been made easier. Using the lessons learned during the first pilot and the changes we made to the project, we expect to be able to save even more energy.”

Wijk & Water Battle

Water Battle going international

Vitens is the first water company to utilize a game to realise behavioural changes in their customers. Other water companies, among which London, Singapore, Sydney have expressed the interest to apply the Water Battle in their own cities.

Read more on the Water Battle on the full case page. More information on the new pilot can be found on

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