Tips on applying for a job

Hi there! So you are interested in a job or internship at Grendel Games? Nice! We are excited to review your application and discover what talents and skills you can contribute to our team. To ensure that you can present yourself in the best possible way and offer you the opportunity to stand out from other applicants, consider the following tips before you go ahead with your application!   

1. Motivation Letter

Start your application with a well-written motivation letter that highlights your passion for your field of expertise and the job you wish to apply for. Explain why you are drawn to our company specifically and how your skills align with our mission and values.


2. Your resume (C.V.)

Tailor your resume to emphasize relevant experience and skills. Highlight any previous game-related roles, education, internships, and projects you’ve worked on. Be concise, focusing on achievements and outcomes.


 3. A strong portfolio

Your portfolio is a crucial aspect of your application. Include a variety of projects that showcase your range and abilities. For game designers, this might include game design documents, level designs, and project summaries. Game artists should feature concept art, character designs, environment art, and other relevant pieces. Ensure your portfolio is easily accessible, well-organized and relevant. This means that the projects you mention are equivalent to your current skills and level of experience.

We often see applicants provide too few examples in their portfolios. If you have a lot of passion and only show three pieces of work, that is too little. So really show as many examples of your work as possible to convince us that this profession is your passion! If you for example write code as a game programmer, don’t only explain the game or what you made, but also show what code you wrote. Also inform us about the project preconditions: was it a group or individual project? How much time did you have for the project? What was your responsibility?



4. Collaboration skills

In the game development industry, teamwork is key. Highlight instances where you successfully collaborated with others on projects, illustrating your ability to work well within a team.


5. Stay updated on industry trends

Show your commitment to the field by staying informed about the latest trends, technologies, and developments in the gaming industry. Mention any relevant courses, certifications, or conferences you’ve attended to stay current. 


6. Showcase problem-solving skills

Game design and art often involve overcoming challenges. Discuss specific instances where you encountered and overcame obstacles in your projects. This demonstrates your problem-solving skills and resilience. 

Remember, the goal is to stand out by showcasing not only your technical skills but also your passion, creativity, and ability to contribute positively to a team. We look forward to receiving your application! If you have any questions with regard to the job you wish to apply for, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information! 

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