Meet some of our clients

Henk ten Cate Hoedemaker

Henk ten Cate Hoedemaker, surgeon UMCG – Grendel Games and UMCG were united in their professionalism and commitment.

Ate de Boer

Ate de Boer, director Effectief Onderwijs – Together we created a gorgeous serious game. Research translated to fun and effect! Grendel works extremely structured and pleasant. They make an understandable connection between gameplay, research and development.

Micha van Aken

Micha van Aken, business development manager Vitens – Grendel Games are fantastic at visualising, and that gives the game its added value. It’s really well put together.

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Development process

We have been developing serious games for many years, and we’ve learnt that several things are really important

We can interpret different domain languages
We translate problems into fun game concepts
We use a professional development process
15 years of continuous improvement of our development method

How do we ensure that our games are fun and effective?

Effective through research and validation

Before launching a new game we ask research partners to scientifically prove the effectiveness of the game.

Partnering with academics and domain experts

We team up with research partners such as universities and domain experts. They help us choose the right content for each game.

Creating awesome and fun games

Games are only effective if they’re fun as well. We cram each game full of entertainment value.

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