Serious games for training, learning and behavioural change

We are a serious games company. Our games make the world a better place.

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Make training fun and engaging

Games make surgeons perform better during operations.

Create habits for a better planet

Games accomplish behavioral change to save water.

Learn and develop through games

Games teach children about a healthy lifestyle and helps them to learn.


A leading serious games company

Grendel Games is an award winning serious games company based in the Netherlands.
We are specialised in scientifically validated serious games for healthcare and sustainability.


Discover the advantages of serious games

Higher engagement and motivation

Training can become repetitive and boring. Serious games and gamification makes training more fun. They get people excited about learning. Improve your employees learning and performance.

Instant feedback

A book or video can’t tell us if we make a mistake when practicing. A serious game gives instant feedback without the need of a trainer or teacher. Save time and focus on what really matters.

Long lasting effect

New Year’s resolutions and good habits are difficult to keep. Games motivate players for a long time, creating a long lasting effect. Create a lasting impact with your campaign.


Does a serious game work for me?

Do you have an idea for a serious game? Or do you see an opportunity to use serious games in your organization? Take a short assessment to see if a serious game is suitable for your situation and what type you need.

Scientifically validated

Our serious games are backed up by scientific research that proves that they are more effective than traditional solutions.


Learn more about serious games

What are serious games

What are serious games?

Serious games are games that have another purpose besides entertainment. They are used to promote learning and behavior change. Serious gaming is used in various areas such as education, healthcare, marketing and other businesses and industries.


What a serious games company can do for you

Anytime, anywhere, instantly

You don’t need expensive training centres anymore. Serious games can be played online and from home. They are always available.

Insight into progress

Not everyone learns at the same pace and some people need extra attention. View results online and give extra help where needed.

Doesn’t need special hardware

Simulators and training equipment can be expensive and not everyone has access to them. Serious games don’t need this. Just play on your phone, tablet or computer.